A fast-paced arcade game! Save everyone and watch out for the yellow balloons! Bump in them from above to pop them!

- Controls -

Keyboard 1 – Left and Right arrow keys to move, Space to fly, Ctrl to Dash, Down Arrow to Dash Drop.

Keyboard 2 – A and D to move, J/W to fly, K to dash and S to dash drop.

Joystick – Analog to move, A to fly, RT/LT to dash and B to dash drop.

- Achievements -

Killer – Pop 10 enemies!.
Destroyer – Pop 25 enemies.
Exploder – Pop 50 enemies.
Superman – Save a person where they are falling.
Helper – Save 50 people.
Savior – Save 100 people.
Lucky 7 – Stand still for more than 7 seconds and still beat the level.
Bad to the bone – Die 10 times.
A winner is you! – Clear every level.

You don't have to log-in to GameJolt to get the achievements. If you do though, they'll be added to your GameJolt account automatically.

Published Dec 01, 2013
Made withConstruct
Tagsballon, joust, joystick, touch
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